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Bromley Brook boarding school for girls educates young women to be tomorrow’s leaders. Our mission is to teach each girl to recognize her own individual needs and to use her self-awareness to achieve more than she thought possible. At Bromley Brook boarding school for girls, our faculty is hand-selected for their professional expertise and their boundless enthusiasm for working with girls. Beginning with the admissions process, this faculty collaborates with the student, her family, and referring professionals to create an Assessment-Based Individualized Learning Plan.

What makes Bromley Brook boarding school for girls different from other girls’ boarding schools? Our comprehensive, research-based assessment allows us to create a truly individualized approach to your daughter’s education and personal growth. Read our Student Profile section to find out if Bromley Brook boarding school for girls is the right choice for your daughter.

Why Girls Boarding Schools?

Why do girls learn best in a single-gender classroom and how might a boarding school for girls help your daughter? >>
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“Our best hedge against the risks of adolescence is to fortify our girls with a sense of their own value, their own power, and their own capacity to meet what they will deal with in life, and make wise choices for themselves.”
JoAnn Deak, Author of How Girls Thrive: An Essential Guide for Educators, and Advisor to Bromley Brook School

At Bromley Brook boarding school for girls we visualize the progress of our students like the creation of a quilt. The pieces that make up the quilt are Academic Development, Personal Growth, and Family Relationships. These individual pieces are held together by the thread of Assessment, Bromley’s unique and powerful way of determining and meeting your daughter’s individual needs.

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Why Parents Choose to Send Their Teens to Boarding Schools

1. The teen is not meeting their potential and is slipping academically. The parents want a structured environment as found in boarding schools so the child can focus on academics and develop strong study habits.

2. The teen is bright and capable, but has a learning style or learning differences that cannot be properly addressed in a more traditional setting. The small class sizes at boarding schools allow the teen to receive individualized attention.


3. The teen is creating chaos in the home with negative attitudes and behaviors. The family needs a break and the teen needs a fresh start in a new environment that includes a positive peer group. Many boarding schools specialize in creating a safe, structured environment for teens who are struggling with emotional amazon listing optimization and behavioral issues.

Why Parents Choose to Send Daughters to Girls Boarding Schools

1. They have become aware of the bias towards boys in the traditional classroom, and they realize this may be impacting their daughter. This may be especially true if your daughter has any learning differences or special social needs.

2. Girls are often pressured into maturing too quickly in our modern society. The girls boarding school environment gives them a safe, nurturing place to grow up, but not grow up too fast. Some girls cannot handle the social pressures of co-ed schools. Girls boarding schools not only remove that pressure, but help girls develop strong self-esteem that will help them deal with such pressures when they return home.

3. Parents want their daughter to excel academically and achieve their highest potential. Girls boarding schools that offer individualized instruction and rigorous academics will give these girls the best opportunity to succeed in school.