5 Things I Learned When I Became a Parent

LookingAheadI was 22 years old when I started teaching. I had no responsibilities, could work all day and relax and play all night (after planning that was).
For 10 years I watched children come to school at 8am and at 3 o’clock I sent them home again. Except for parent teacher interviews I had little thought about what went on at home.
At 32 I became a parent and found out so many things I never knew before. And now I am a working mum of Dusty who is lovingly cared for by many young teachers at Day Care.
Here is what I now know, that I never really understood before having a child:

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The Evolving Definition of Accountability.

PPP_CGENE_CLP_Dart04_BlueI think what’s happening here is I feel guilty for not keeping up my posting frequency. So, instead of not posting at all anymore, I am making completely unnecessary posts.

The thing is, I hate those “I’m sorry I haven’t been posting” posts because I think it’s your right, and half the time I never noticed anyways. I have a bit over 100 blogs in my reader, so I would only ever notice if it was one of my absolute favorite-favorite-favorites. I suppose some others follow maybe only five or two, or one blog, and if it’s one, it should be this one. Because then you won’t have to be bogged down following it – there’s plenty of breathing room in between each post, because I know you’re busy. Continue reading

The Construction of True Literature

I may have previously mentioned this, but in college, for two years, I majored in poetry. Creative writing, with a very specific focus on poetry. My parents were super proud and supportive – cough. Basically, once I received my associates in poetry, I threw in my towel at McDonald’s because the recruiters were lining up around the block. With that kind of degree, who wouldn’t? The people who invented Google invited me on as a partner with equal share, but I respectfully declined. I had bigger plans for myself. Bigger plans that an creative writing associates degree, focusing on poetry? Impossible! What chould be bigger than that?

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Broaden, Instead of Narrowing Your Niche

PPP_ITECH_CLP_Binary_Flow_BI recently started a new job working as the editor for e-learning website it’s something I’m very interested/excited to learn about. The opportunity was too good to pass up.

Anyways, I’ve had a little bit of “blah” in my blogging lately. This translates to … not blogging! I started over-thinking, what is my focus? Do I need to switch to a new one – start a new blog? – or re-direct a focus in a way that re-inspires me?

I mulled over a fashion/beauty blog, so I could post pictures of clothes and squeal away. However, I prefer leaving my hair unbrushed, au naturel, and throwing haphazard clothing on, with little regard for current trends or respect for color coordination, at least half of the time. The other half of the time is when I’m feeling blue, and throw on this silver and black medieval style gown that I have, with a corset top and full skirt. Continue reading

Bromley Brook

Bromley Brook School (BBS), a private therapeutic boarding school, was located in the town of Manchester, Bennington County, Vermont. The school offered education programs for girls who were having difficulties being successful in conventional school settings. Students were following individualized learning plans that were focusing on education, family relationships, and self-awareness.

Bromley Brook School was operated and owned by the Aspen Education Group, which closed the school in July 2011, together with a few other facilities, due to declining enrollment. The other schools that closed Continue reading