Bromley Brook

Bromley Brook School (BBS), a private therapeutic boarding school, was located in the town of Manchester, Bennington County, Vermont. The school offered education programs for girls who were having difficulties being successful in conventional school settings. Students were following individualized learning plans that were focusing on education, family relationships, and self-awareness.

Bromley Brook School was operated and owned by the Aspen Education Group, which closed the school in July 2011, together with a few other facilities, due to declining enrollment. The other schools that closed Continue reading

Five Ways to Keep The academic Achievement

If you managed to get good grades at midterms, you would be eager to maintain this achievement until the end of the semester, and next semester. However, if your grades already bad, then you have to try harder than ever.

Consider the following tips:

Read each week
Some teachers require that you read a book every week, several other professors might just make it as a reference. Sometimes, reading assignment is listed in the course syllabus and it can make us overwhelmed each week. However, force yourself to read and meet targets in the plan of studies.

You will discover how your ability to understand the lecture material increases with diligence reading the book according to the assignment.

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Five tips to help you get that writing done

No matter your profession, your level of education, or your income bracket, almost everyone has a story about a dreaded writing assignment or a fanatical teacher who bled red ink.

Our teachers were all well-intentioned, and gave us some necessary tools for success, but in the process, many of us learned that there’s a right way and a wrong way to write, and that more often than not, we were doing it wrong.

In the new era of Internet marketing and social media buzz, writing well isn’t just a necessary evil to pass a class, it’s often the only way to reach short-attention-span consumers who have too many choices and too little time.


So, here are five lessons that the real world teaches us about how to write to engage our target market.

Lesson 1: Yes, you CAN!

Forget what anyone has ever told you before. If you can participate in a conversation, you can write. If you are passionate about what you do, you can write. If you can text or tweet or post on Facebook, you can write. If you can’t spell, aren’t sure about punctuation, and lack an impressive vocabulary, you can still write.

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Find What Works For YOU

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone. One of the biggest lessons in my life right now is the concept of bio-individuality.

In other words, what is right for YOU won’t be right for the person standing next to you and vice versa.

Are they wrong? Why are there so many opposing theories? It’s because they are all right (personal ethics aside)! Doesn’t matter what test (or no test) you choose to decide about your future career. The key is that most of these lifestyles are based on real situations and that is why they work.

I spent a lot of time thinking one way of being productive (whatever it was at the time) was the right way. “Finally I found all that I’ve been searching for,” I would think. I would follow it diligently, feel great, then feel like crap, berating myself along the way if I “fell off” because surely it was my lack of willpower that was the problem. Wrong!

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Why Your Self confidence is so important

QuesMarkChange. Funny how that one word can be so intimidating isn’t it? I think it’s a given that most people would agree that being exposed to something completely foreign would induce some people to break a sweat or step on a few toes. But many people don’t want to change anything.

Staying in your circle of comfort is nice, comfort means safe, and safe means no stress. And who likes to be stressed needlessly, right? I recently visited one of my friends who is teaching adults who wants to pass the GED test. And she is frustrating with her work.

Her adult students get free classes, free online tools and they know that passing the GED exam means earning a better salary, yet they usually don’t finish a prep course, don’even try to pass the GED test and go back to their circle of comfort. So we talk about how well designed online resources such as online prep tests can help these students earn their GED and restore their self confidence.

I think that pushing yourself to do things that you normally wouldn’t do is very important in growing as a person, spiritually, emotionally and financially.

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The Sweet Pickle Bus-Writing Teacher request

Two teenage girls, naive and excited, climbed into the back of an ugly green van (affectionately called “The Sweet Pickle Bus”) with 6 teenage boys, not once considering the potential danger.  This was about love, or their conception of it, which did not include “News at 11″ type headlines.  Fortunately, these were nice boys.  Relatively speaking.

One girl was on a “date”, the other one was me.  My not-so-secret crush was in that van and it was my intent to steal him away from his rather pretty girlfriend.  Not schooled in the art of flirting, I had no idea how to do this.  I simply trusted Fate to do its work.  Fate did not disappoint.

Seated in the passenger side of the careening Sweet Pickle Bus (it careened everywhere it went), was the most annoying guy I had ever met.  He insisted on speaking with a fake Scottish accent and playing “Today” by Smashing Pumpkins ad nauseam.  I’d seen him in school–tall, hulking, shaved head, brown corduroy jacket, dark-colored chucks–and thought him the quiet and brooding type.  So much for first impressions.  He was loud and obnoxious.  I turned my attention to my crush, willing him to love me with my penetrating stare.  He didn’t even look at me.

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Teenager Now, Adult At Heart

I was thinking about how many times I ask you guys questions at the end of my blog entries, and I get a feel of who my visitors are and such. But.. I know you, but do you know me? I decided to give you guys a chance to ask me anything you want. The first 21 questions asked I will answer in my next entry.

I rather not here the typical “whats your favorite color” questions, but something more personal or perhaps related to web and graphic design. Anything really, just make your questions original.

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Teachers cheating! OMG !

This is usually a headline during the examination season but, today’s news confirms that teachers are also cheating. Four schools had their results wiped out in three subjects and a fifth school was stripped of its English results in national curriculum (SATs) tests for “altering” the test papers of children. So unethical, the same teachers help with career choices. I have more trust in online career tests than in these teachers. There are many well developed career quizzes that show you all options and you can judge yourself without any pressure for you  or your teen. I don’t to want to be manipulated by some random teachers.

This is a fraud which is damaging not only to the schools but, also the pupils at the school and the whole system of testing in our schools. It’s the sort of scandal which prompted many US schools to outsource testing of students and I suspect we may be headed belatedly in the same

As soon as the Government used test results to publish school league tables and also to determine school funding, it was inevitable that some teachers would find ways to influence individual pupil and school test results. I’m sure the vast majority of teachers would not even contemplate this but, just a few can damage the reputation of many.

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What to do when you feel sick

Yep, it won. I’m at home today, sick. It’s not your run of the mill stuffy head/cold/sore throat. This, I think, is some sort of flu, since I am beyond exhausted and all of my muscles hurt, and oh yes, I have a fever. What I really think is wrong is that I’m sleep deprived. I don’t think I sleep as soundly as I’m supposed to, and often times I will wake up several times a night. I fall right back asleep without a problem, but the waking up leads me to believe it’s not a sound sleep that I’m getting.

Anyway, all that means that I’m home today. And my house is clean, so I’m not even cleaning. I’m actually going back to bed for a few hours, and then I really have to get out of the house and get some fresh air. I have a few errands to run, probably just to Target and pick up the dry cleaning or whatever, and then its back to bed for this girlie. I really can’t afford to miss another day of work tomorrow, so rest it is. Continue reading

Half of what I say is meaningless…

109508-john_lennon_617_409…but I say it just to reach you, Julia. ~John Lennon

I haven’t talked about this in great detail here, but Julia has had a very difficult time with tonsillitis and throat infections this year.

She had a bout of tonsillitis a little while ago and her tonsils like, tripled in size, and never went back down to normal. It’s affected her breathing, especially at night – she wakes up choking and literally gasping for breath several times a night and has started snoring like a trucker, something she never did before.

The broken sleep leaves her tired throughout the day and people often comment on her pale face and raccoon eyes. Her eating habits have also been affected, and when she had the flu last week her bulging tonsils egged her gag reflex on and really added fuel to the fire.

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I Know, But I Don’t Know

So how was everyone’s Halloween? Mine started of with a bit of disappointment. As I suspected, I was unable to go to Fright Fest with my friend. It 7b06c40f33ea0fba2d9d332611ea6511was something I really wanted to do and I was looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone and over come my fear of coasters. Maybe next time eh? Well, even though I didn’t get to go to Six Flags, I still had fun here in my neighborhood. I didn’t like trick-or-treat, but just hung out with some friends and stayed up very late. It was fun!

Today I woke up and decided I wanted to go a bit further with the site. Right now it’s pretty lack luster and I want it to be a bit more fun and interacting. When I think of a contest that’s original, I’ll host it so check back because I have some really cool prizes in mind, even though I don’t know what the contest will be. I also will begin another project that I will try very hard not to mention until I’m done with it completely. There’s a good chance I’ll spill the beans before hand. Watch.

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